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The Heart Of The Healer - Community  

July 1, 2014 - New Directions - The Heart Of The Healer

ODEYWEH: "Sound Of The Heart" Weekend
in the words of someone who did,
A beautiful weekend, rich in teachings, ceremony, renewal of friendships, beautiful lodge, lake and weather.Powerful emotions and love encircled us.
Thanks to don Oscar,Cindy, John, Deina, dancers and singers, it was spectacular! The Chinchaysuyu Council worked so hard on this and it showed.

Miigwetch & Munay. I will never forget this heartfelt hoop that everyone created..... Joy"

"Saturday Drumming - Dancing - Healing and Offerings Day"  Thank you Bonnie Knezo for picture.

We exchanged the medicine of the "Eagle and the Condor", learned how to Sing the "Water Songs", and the drumming, singing, dancing fun too!    The weekend uplifted and shifted in all of us, 'something' that we are still processing.   But, we know where our people are and each other's villages; those who never met the teachers before, and those who have spent many years with them all are beginning their new journeys... in their dreams.
Munay, Miigwetch
Virginia LoneSky
Chinchaysuyu Council 2014

What a weekend! 
ODEYWEH - July 4 - 6, 2014
don Oscar Miro-Quesada
hosting Chief John Rice / Deina Bomberry
singers and drummers.

We thank everyone who has registered to attend and support the teachings of don Oscar, Chief John and Deina and our relatives.

For those who registered for this event, you can view earlier Posts for the details....

Registrants will be receiving an important Email next week - June 14th with Lake Huron Retreat Center Facts & Maps, to get to this Location.   Feel free to call them directly if you have any questions, before you start your journey.

Call before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Ask for Sam, she is the onsite manager, who will be there to assist us.

Chinchaysuyu Council
Virginia, Peggy, Elaine, 
Munra Robert 

Come Join Us In Sacred Circle on

Great Lake Huron, Michigan

don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Chinchaysuyu Council

Invites You To Come Join Us
With All Our Relations For:

The Sound of the Heart"

 JULY 4 - 5 - 6, 2014

A Transformational Weekend Gathering
Hosted by don Oscar Miro-Quesada

don Oscar Miro-Quesada - Peruvian kamasqa curandero

 Come Join Us In Sacred Circle  
With Chief John Rice, Ojibwa-Chippewa Bear Clan Elder and Second Degree Midewiwin; Deina Bomberry, Eagle Clan, First Degree Midewiwin And Ojibwa-Chippewa Jingle Dancer plus
the ancestral drum "Muskwa Mishikehn" -
Red Turtle Singers &
 Manidoons - Little Spirit Singers
don Oscar Miro-Quesada,
Peruvian kamasqa curandero writes:

"You are invited to join us in a sacred gathering of visionary community to honor our relationship to the life-giving waters born of Mother Earth. Held at the shores of the Great Sweet Water Sea, which is the traditional Ojibwa name for Lake Huron, good-hearted people from the Four Directions will unite in prayer and spiritual service to restore reverence within our human relationship to all waters, lakes, lagoons, creeks, streams, oceans and glaciers, and their vital life affirming presence within the Great Sacred Web. 

Drawing from traditional wisdom teachings, ceremonial music, dance, song and ritual offerings born from the unifying flight of Eagle and Condor, in celebration of the shared heartbeat of their ancestors, Chief John Rice, Deina Bomberry, together with the Red Turtle Singers and the Little Spirit Singers, join forces with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, in service to the prophetic fulfillment of our human Re-Membering. 

Bringing into a harmonious balance all duality, whether that of masculine/feminine, north/south, sky/earth or self/other, this ceremonial gathering shall allow the merging of the spiritual waters and sacred fires, so revered by all Earth-honoring peoples, to bestow renewed grace and beauty within All Our Relations.

Your presence at this one-of-a kind ceremonial gathering is a blessing to our Earth; your showing up, a gift of love awakened within the heart of humanity; your consecrated offerings to Sacred Fire and purification rituals honoring Great Sweet Water Sea, are long awaited powerful medicines for the restoration of gentle, compassionate sustainable living upon this good earth. 
Thank you for your service in this Great
Re-Membering of
don Oscar Miro-Quesada

What to bring: ceremonial clothing of choice, your most cherished shamanic power item, offerings for Sacred Fire and the Great Sweet Water Sea ceremony led by Deina Bomberry and the Little Spirit Women’s Drum group.  

Deina Bomberry will lead the women in a
Special Ceremony honoring 
the Sacred Waters

(Details will be sent to Registrants two weeks before our weekend).

We gather together at the
Lake Huron Retreat Center

8794 Lakeshore Dr.,
Burtchville, MI  48059-1115  (GPS address)
(South of Lexington, MI)
12 Miles North of Pt. Huron, MI and
the Blue Water Bridge International Crossing
From U.S.A./Canada
Airports - Detroit, MI and Bishop Int'l-Flint, MI
Major Car Rentals - or
Contact Directly Ruby's Airport Shuttle
810 - 989 - 5466

Early Registration Sends Soon!

$444. On-Site Tuition includes shared *"dorm style" room - 6 Meals beginning with dinner on July 4th thru lunch July 6th.   

    All Payments Must be received by June 12th to hold space.

Lake Huron Retreat Center Boardwalk To Beach

ALL SPACIOUS ROOMS -  View of Lake Huron - Patios, Porches, and tranquil green space All For You To Enjoy!

No matter where your room.  This is a wonderful lake view, natural shade property; nothing to see North or South but trees.  Lake to the East and two lane country road to the West.  Plus parking is convenient to paved walkways to both Lodges and Gathering/Dining Buildings.  The best of everything in convenience and natural setting.

Remember, only Payment with 
Registration guarantees your space.

Your Tuition Includes:

The wonderful outdoors and limitless grounds and **beach walking access of Lake Huron Retreat Center - property and beyond.

Ayni for taking care of our Elders/Teachers, Singers/Dancers, Drummers.

Accommodations - These are large shared, same sex, dorm style rooms - Littleton Lodge has 3 beds - beach view rooms filled first - interior rooms afterwards. Ragland Lodge has 4 lower beds; 2 upper bunk bed style, for total of 6 sleeping beds; all lake view with long front porch access. (
Lower bed space filled first, in order of your registration payment date and time.) If you are assigned an upper bunk, we will notify you; you can opt-out for *Off-Site option, (see below).

There are no private rooms for one or two people available for assignment at LHRC. We have couples coming who have agreed to be assigned rooms close to each other, without any problem, because there are plenty of gathering spaces in and around both Lodges. If you want a private room, you are welcome to use the *Off-Site option which will not include a room on-site.  Make that selection on your Registration Form and applicable payment selection.

On Site Rooms Include: All pillows, sheets, towels.   But, you may want to bring your own beach towels for our 'Swim Time'.


Beginning with Dinner at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, July 4th; then including, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner on Saturday July 5th; and Breakfast/Lunch at approximately 1:30 p.m. Sunday July 6th.

Beginning Of Gathering Program, Friday, July 4th - Time to be announced at Dinner - Usually after Dinner - Approx 7:30 p.m. -

Off-Site Options - Limited:NOTE: Singles and Couples Off-Site Option limited now: You had an option to find your own rooms off-site, or camp in neighboring cities of Pt. Huron, Lexington,or Lockport, MI.  As of now, we are told Campsites are FULL. You can try motels/hotels B&B.  But, If you haven't already made your room reservation first - do not Register for our Off-Site option until you know you have a place to stay. Please notify Peggy a.s.a.p. (See Right Margin - Questions) The Manager of LHRC wants us to clarify, "There was never any camping offered at Lake Huron Retreat Center."  

Travel Time Between Airports And Location - We Recommend you check Mapquest or Google Maps: Those having to make flight reservations can plan to leave immediately after the gathering or lunch - it's approximately 1 3/4 hrs drive to airports - this is July 4th holiday weekend. Add time for rental returns - shuttle service and recommended "arrival times' by the airlines. Or stay the rest of the day at a nearby motel of your choice. Those driving may want to check out the local Campgrounds at Lockport, MI afterwards as well - but reserve accommodations EARLY. July is a popular month.

**Lake Huron Retreat requires we provide a "Life Guard" on their beach front for swimming, because of that, swimming times will be posted upon arrival. You have unlimited walking beach access and swimming beyond their property. If you are a qualified "Life Guard" with current valid Certification please contact: Life Guard Reduced Tuition for more details before you register and make your tuition payment.

Of Special Note
Right now, this is the only weekend gathering don Oscar will host within our THOTH Suyus in 2014. Our gatherings have sold out in the past - and flight reservations need to be made a.s.a.p. for travels during the Summer high season. Consider coming for the weekend and continuing up and around all the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan; or if you want to visit Canada (Niagara Falls is about 5 hours East), you will need a valid passport. Blue Water Bridge crossing is at Port Huron, MI - is 12 miles South. Lake Huron Retreat Center is operated by the Methodist community - and welcomes all faiths and all beliefs.

Room Assignments Made Only After Registration And Payment Is Received

We encourage you to Register and make payment as soon as possible for the best bed assignments. Remember, first registrants are placed in the Littleton Lodge frontage rooms, closest to the beach; interior rooms available afterwards. All rooms here are "same sex dorm style" with their own bathroom; 3 bed (same sex) shared rooms.  Each wing has a floor plan to include a 'social center' in the middle of the interior/exterior rooms situation around it. Includes a small kitchen area. If you don't get those rooms, bonus - the Ragland Lodge all have lake view "dorm style" with their own bathroon; 4 to 6 bed space (same sex) shared rooms. All have private entrance onto/off of a large porch where you can sit quietly before you walk to the beach, or walk around the grounds.

ALL the rooms have access to patios, porches, walkways, beach walk for a great view of Lake Huron.  Bring 'beach shoes/tennis shoes' to walk the beach.

In general, everything is close for you to walk to our Gathering/Dining buildings from the two sleeping lodges. Plenty of ways to find your own personal space, and view of the lake. Including a great shady green area with outdoor tables and benches.

 * Credit Card Payments are accepted using secure PayPal on our site - plus fees according to USDollars or International currency.

Vacation Suggestion: Consider coming for the weekend, and staying longer; continuing up and around all the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan.  There are the "Sanilac Petroglyphs"  1 1/2 hours North. Or a natural, Wonder Of The World, "Niagara Falls", Ontario, Canada, approximately 5 1/2 hours East. (Remember Passports are required to cross Borders).

Please read, "About Our Teachers", don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Chief John Rice and Deina Bomberry.  Singers, Dancers & Drummers with their full biographies in the Right Margin above. 

"With Gratitude We Welcome You"
Chinchaysuyu Council,
Virginia LoneSky - Peggy Koebernick

Elaine Noyes - Munra Robert (Whall)

See Additional Pictures And Information Below